Antica EnotriaThe rhythm of the earth. Complex and impenetrable with life. The silence of the land and its voice. The seasons of the rains, the seasons of the sun.

The rhythm of the earth. Every day is different, powerful or submissive. You listen to it and feel Mother Nature, following her rhythm, until one day you realize that the rhythm of the earth and your own rhythm keep the same tempo.

Day and night, snow and wind, work and rest. You and the earth.

The same tempo You understand that you are granted the same days, the same hours, the same seasons and that no one can take more without facing the consequences.

Suddenly, you realize that you can’t keep exploiting, poisoning and pushing because whatever you do to the land, you do to yourself. The same fate And you then you begin to respect.

Respect for yourself and your land, for time and for life. The rhythm resumes its tempo, naturally slow, finally natural. The grapes you grow become insatiable, but you understand why.

Its fruits are now even more precious and the wine is full, like all humble things. This is called biological farming. My son and I have been choosing life for years.

My name is Raffaele Di Tuccio and my land is Puglia. My son Luigi, my wife Antonia, and I invite you to our estate to experience the rhythm of the land.

  • Dieciottobre IGT Puglia
  • Falanghina IGT Daunia
  • Puglia IGT Rosso
  • Sangiovese IGT Puglia
  • Falù Rosso IGT Puglia
  • Contessa Staffa Rosato IGT Daunia
  • Primitivo IGT Puglia Vriccio
  • Negroamaro IGT Puglia
  • Senzazolfo IGT Puglia
  • Nero di Troia IGT Puglia
  • Aglianico IGT Puglia

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