Paolo LeoIf it is true that behind each wine bottle there is always a story to tell, the Paolo Leo’s one is a simple and fair story, as well as all families stories have! They have been five generations of grape growers that, sharing the same wine passion and love for their family land, each built a piece of history of this winery, located closed to Brindisi city, in San Donaci village, and still named as in the origins.

Today Paolo Leo winery is a modern company spread on an area of 17.000 mq, a completely computerized bottling line, a wine capacity of 50.000 hl and 500 French and American barriques used for the wine aging. But the real heart of the vineyard is still the 25 hectares of grapes trees that

the great-grandfather planted at the beginning of ‘900. He used to make wine from his grapes in Monticello manor farm. His niece Paolo Leo finally inherited the land and built the winery. Today the namesake Paolo Leo is still a heir of the winery and together with his wife Roberta and the eldest sons Nicola and Stefano, he is leading the company. Thanks to further fields purchasing and further investments, they have been able to build a cutting edge and innovative winery.

  • Il Bacio Chardonnay IGT Puglia
  • Il Bacio Negroamaro IGT Puglia
  • Malvasia IGT Salento I Varietali by Paolo Leo
  • Negroamaro IGT Salento I Varietali by Paolo Leo
  • Primitivo IGT Salento I Varietali by Paolo Leo
  • Passitivo Primitivo IGT Puglia
  • “Numen” Chardonnay IGT Salento Paolo Leo Estate bottled,
  • “Orfeo” Negroamaro IGT Puglia Paolo Leo Estate bottled
  • Salice Salentino DOC Paolo Leo Estate bottled
  • Salice Salentino DOC Riserva Paolo Leo Estate bottled
  • Primitivo DOC Manduria Paolo Leo Estate bottled,
  • “Fiore di Vigna” Primitivo IGT Salento Paolo Leo Estate bottled

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