Vigliano logoVigliano, few houses scattered along a narrow country road climbing amid the loose-laid walls on the hills south-west of Florence, on the border between the cities of Scandicci and Lastra a Signa, not far from the picturesque Roveta wood. On one side, the beautiful 14th-century church of San Martino alla Palma, on the other our vineyards and our olive trees. We love to live here, we feel the personality of the earth we walk on, we feel responsible for giving the best interpretation of it.
We can hardly conceal our subtle ambition to pursue excellence, year after year, through great or challenging vintages, with subdued wines, characterized by perfect balance, elegance, and moderation.
Wines that duly represent their age, ourselves, the moods of Vigliano, and perhaps will do so in a few decades too. The company is located in the area of Chianti Colli Fiorentini, on ideal lands for grapes and olive-trees. Stony, well exposed to the west/south-west, they have a definitely alkaline nature and a varying composition, with significant limestone levels, mixed with marl, sand, and loose clay. The average slope is considerable, almost 15%, with much higher peaks. Temperatures vary significantly from day to night in the summer and autumn, and there is a high incidence of strong air drifts.

  • Rosso Vigliano IGT
  • L’Erta IGT
  • L’Erta Sangiovese IGT